Part I – Land claims movement and legislative process

Unit 1 – Overview of the History of Federal Indian Policy

Unit 2 – Alaska Native land claims and the U.S. Congress

Unit 3 – Planning and implementing ANCSA

Unit 4 – Personal Perspectives on ANCSA in the U.S. Congress

Unit 5 – Personal Perspectives on the Land Claims Movement and the Alaska State Legislature

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Unit 1 – Years prior to ANCSA

In this module you will develop an idea of what Alaska Natives were experiencing in the years immediately prior to ANCSA, you will learn about treaties, how the federal government obtained lands from Indian tribes, and how the conditions of the settlement that Alaska Natives reached concerning their claims in Alaska differ from those made …

Unit 2 – Formation of AFN

Unit Two introduces students to the Alaska Federation of Natives and the Alaska Native Leaders who were involved in its inception. The organization has survived and grown over the years and is just as important to Alaska Natives today as it was during the land claims era. Learning Objectives: Upon the completion of Module 2 …

Unit 3 – Alaska Land Freeze

Alaska Natives had prominent leaders before ANCSA but very few had any direct dealings with the U.S. Congress. The urgent need to settle land claims propelled a number of younger Natives into front-line leadership roles and took several of them to Washington to work with Congress on behalf of their people. Much of the work …

Unit 4 – ANCSA and policy in the 60s

A search into the history of the ANCSA negotiations can bring up a confusing muddle of draft bills concerning Alaska Natives’ land claims, most of which are quite unlike the final document. Sometimes the question arises as to why passage of the bill took so long when such a large oil development project was being …

Unit 5 – Different drafts of ANCSA

Alaska Natives were forced to operate in a very unfamiliar environment when they entered the land claims process. Lives were changed and career paths altered in ways that no-one had anticipated. People had to communicate with a variety of personalities, and in some cases rely on them for help with little basis for trust. The …