Gov. Hickel meeting with native leaders.  Image from Alaska State Library – Historical Collection.

This upper division/graduate level web based open course provides an advanced overview and analysis of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 (ANCSA). An in-depth look at the land claims movement of the 1960s will be highlighted by presentations by Alaska Native leaders who were key participants in the movement. The course will also closely review the legislative process that resulted in the passage of ANCSA focusing on firsthand accounts of those who were involved. The implementation phase of ANCSA will be examined as well as the crucial “1991 amendments.’ Case studies involving unique challenges of individual Native villages and regions will be discussed. Finally, contemporary issues facing ANCSA corporations will be examined.

After completing this web based course you will be able to:

  • have a clear idea of what the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act is and why it was passed
  • be familiar with the content of ANCSA
  • be able to name all ANCSA regional corporations
  • be able to identify the Alaska Native leaders who worked for a settlement
  • know how ANCSA was implemented and what challenges followed
  • have a working knowledge of how ANCSA differed from other indigenous land settlements
  • be knowledgeable of current issues facing ANCSA corporation

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